Beautifully Matched

Beautifully Matched

Hello ALL! I want to write up a quick post. This is to further elaborate on the last post in regards to Layering Stamps. As part of the Altenew Educators Certification Program, there is a series of classes new recruits are expected to take and to show our work from. This time, I thought I would change up my thought process and work from the actual color of paper that I am using, to the stamp set. I normally, work the other way around. I always choose the stamp set first! I found that it really helps to switch the creative process up sometimes.

Diving right in! So I love the Altenew Paper Pack in alluring blooms, the colors are great for spring and summer, and just seem to pop! I tend to lean towards teals and pinks when doing floral aspects of my card, so I knew I didn’t want to use those colors. This brings me to my next wonderful creation! When I first got my Altenew mini ink pad sets, I instantly seen a solution for how to create my color swatches. The packaging is perfectly sized for the cube sets, and they have the names listed on the back of them. And voila! One key ring, one hole punch, and four wonderfully colored square stamps later, and I have the below!

So convenient! The names are already there!

I then grabbed my choice of paper out of the Alluring Blooms paper pack, and flipped thru my color swatches to find the perfect match. I discarded the teals, I discarded the pinks, I have done too many cards in those colors already. But the orange?! LOVE IT!! And I went from there, backwards from my normal way of doing things, but hey it worked right?


I kept things pretty simple other than that. I kept the same stamp set for all the foliage and the layering stamps, but used the Altenew BAF-Gardenia stamp set for the sentiment. I embossed some beautiful background images to go behind the colorful flowers and added a few gold foil pearls to focus on the sentiment. The full list of supplies are below.

I hope that you found the few tips and tricks that I have found along the way, helpful. I definitely see myself utilizing those color swatches more often, they are so handy! Most of all, don’t be scared to look at things in a new light, a different direction. I have a feeling you will be surprised with the outcome. Until next time, keep bringing hope to those around you with just one card at a time. With love LIZ

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  1. Marlene

    I love all this . You’re awesome
    Love You 😘❤️

  2. Erum Tasneem

    It took me a minute to realize that this is not mixed media! LOL This is brilliant! You confused me for a second. This is a gorgeous card, but I think you can work a bit on this layout and make it even better! You can work on it on the side if you want, there is no need to repost it. I love it anyway but just for the sake of learning and pushing the creativity 🙂
    Thank you very much for entering your fabulous work to the AECP assignment gallery Liz, well done!!

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