Let’s get this ROLLING! MY FIRST POST!

Let’s get this ROLLING! MY FIRST POST!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has pushed me to do this. If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to go for it. So, thank you, I can’t say it enough. I want to shout out to a friend who helped me take the first steps with getting everything technical taken care of: Josh. Thank you, you made this as easy as it can be and more. If you need help with a blog or site of your own, I must say, he is amazing!

Now, onto the good stuff! I went back and forth on what my first post should be about. I landed on my most recent card, of course! I recently inquired about the Altenew Educational Program, and having a blog is a necessity. When I submitted some of my work, I was given the suggestion of working on balance. In particular, The Rule of Thirds.

Do you have a piece that is just missing something? No matter what you added, whether it be elements, color, or embellishments, it was still lacking? This could be why. So let us work together to follow the rules and see how we can be rewarded. Of course, we will break the rules when needed!

The Rule of Thirds is based on a principle that the human eye prefers to see balance and movement. To do so, we would break up our piece that we are working on into an invisible grid, with vertical and horizontal lines. Like below:

So in figure#1a, you see the words “Image” and “Focal Pt.”. The top left hand corner is considered the “hot spot” for most designs. Your eye will naturally always be drawn there first. So that is why many designers choose that spot as the main placement area. In figure #1b, the bottom right says the same. It is showing that as long as you keep in mind the intersecting lines and and vertical lines you can create a piece that is pleasing to the eye. The more you work with the Rule of Thirds, the more natural it becomes. Eventually, it will become second nature.

So here is a tip on the lines themselves. Why not use those as “power points”? Use the intersections of hose lines by placing components or your sentiment on them, and you will have a more balanced cohesive look. This is just a guideline on how to use your pieces when placing them on a card, it is NOT absolute!

Rules are meant to be broken, right? There are times in which the Rule of Thirds doesn’t make sense. For example, a geometric piece that is evenly balanced all around. You wouldn’t want to break that balance up, so placing it in the center of your card or project, would be more pleasing to the eye. Its all about a sense of symmetry, and how the mind, and the eye perceive them.

Here is my card in which I utilize the Rule of Thirds. I made sure that the background didn’t pull attention away from the focal point. And, I also made sure that I didn’t go overboard on too many elements or images. What a difference that makes!

Feel free to share your pieces, I would love to see them! If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach out to me and I will be more than glad to get back to you. Remember, especially now with the pandemic, we can bring hope to the world with just one card at a time!

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